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The LGBT community has been a growing culture with more and more acceptance coming from the general community. However, there are still many people in the LGBT community who face discrimination on a daily basis. While rights are being fought for all over the world, many countries and states are still unwilling to grant rights to the community. In order to better the rights and lives of LGBT members, the community must be able to stick together for support of one another. This website is an educational and resource guide that people new and old to the LGBT community can use to learn more and find support.


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 Boise Pridefest 2014

This year marks the 24th anniversary of The Treasure Valley’s LGBTQ community uniting together to celebrate Pride, increase community awareness and offer support for our LGBTQ and allied communities, neighbors and friends.This year Boise Pridefest will be moving to the downtown BoDo district ito create better visibility, while helping to build a greater economic impact in our local businesses and community.

Boise Pridefest will be bringing the LGBTQA Pride Festival back to downtown Boise to be held at BoDo (8th & Broad St). The Rally will begin at the Capitol building and the parade will follow.

Stay tuned for more details – The Boise Pridefest website is currently under construction, will be up and running shortly.

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Pride Foundation is the Northwest leader in bringing people, ideas and resources together to strengthen community and ignite change that advances LGBTQ Equality. With a community of over 4,000 generous people who support hundreds of organizations and leaders working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. Pride Foundation provide grants to organizations and scholarships for students in the Northwest states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

Scholarships for LGBTQ and Straight Ally Students- http://www.pridefoundation.org/scholarships/

Grants for Organizations helping the LGBTQ community- http://www.pridefoundation.org/grants/

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The Community Center is funded through membership and donation. With your generous, continuing support we can continue improving the quality of lives for our LGBT and allied community, neighbors and friends.

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