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The LGBT community has been a growing culture with more and more acceptance coming from the general community. However, there are still many people in the LGBT community who face discrimination on a daily basis. While rights are being fought for all over the world, many countries and states are still unwilling to grant rights to the community. In order to better the rights and lives of LGBT members, the community must be able to stick together for support of one another. This website is an educational and resource guide that people new and old to the LGBT community can use to learn more and find support.



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Established by TCC in 1984, Diversity News was published on a monthly basis and distributed throughout Idaho and around the country. Highlighting the politics, history, business, science, spirituality, finance and entertainment of the LGBTQIA community, for many the free newspaper provided a connection to their community not offered by Idaho’s mainstream press.


Faced with skyrocketing costs of publishing and the lack of dedicated volunteers, like many LGBTQIA community newspapers around the country, TCC was forced to cease its publication in 2011. Since then the void of a centralized news place for Idaho’s community has left many feeling disconnected and out of touch, especially those living in Idaho’s more rural communities.


Beginning September 1st, Idaho’s LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex & Allied) community will have a familiar place to keep up with news and events that affects them. The Community Center (TCC) in Boise will be re-launching the publication that was affectionately known throughout Idaho for many years as “Diversity News”.

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